Checklists on Actions

Set activities to be carried out for an Action by creating a Checklist to diplay on it..
You can use checklists in an Action to define the activities which must be carried out, and confirmed, before you can mark the Action as resolved.

Defining Checklists on an Action

When creating Checks for an Action checklists, there are two levels at which you can create the checks:
  • 'Global' Checks - these are standard activities, agreed globally, which are always run whenever this action needs to be carried out. You can define global checks from within an individual case configuration screen (from the Action's checklist popup), or from within the dedicated Global Checklist section on the Service Lines screen.
  • Local Checks - these can be added to help support 'custom' activities that take place for that specific case process running under that customer / service instance combination. You can link these checks so that they are placed before or after the global checks. These are defined in the Checklist popup for that Action within the Case flow screen.
Note: Colour coding of local check borders will show which global checks they are linked to. You can drag & drop these local checks to pair them with Global checks, to run before or after.
At runtime, Agent end users processing the action will just see a single list of the actions they must complete, with no differentiation between global and locally-defined checks.
When you locate the local check, you are placing it relative to a global check, i.e. ‘this check always comes directly before global check 1, or always takes place directly after global check 2. This is done this way so that if ever the order of the global checks is modified, the related checks automatically move in correct sequence along with them.

When Should I use checklists?

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