Service Agents

Creating a new Service Agent User

Service Agents are the people who work in your service centres and deliver service, probably your colleagues.
To create a new Service Agent User, go to the ‘Service Agents’ tab in Builder’s User Management section and click on the '+' icon at the top of the screen. This will bring up the ‘Add User’ popup where you can enter the User's details:

Global Service Agents

User Attributes

The User attributes are grouped into four tabs:
  • General - key information, e.g. username, email, time zone.
  • Access- sets what the user can do and see in Work Manager (and Builder).
  • Details - Further personal details, e.g. phone, address, work capacity & cost per hour.
  • Password - allows you to set the user password.

Attributes in the General Tab

The following standard Attributes can be set for a Service Agent User in the General tab:
The organisation this user works for. You can add a specific company that the service agent works for OR you can select to make them a 'Global Agent' where they aren't linked to a specific company. Service agents linked to a specific company will not be able to be added as a contact to a work item belonging to a different company. 'Global Agents' agents have much more flexibility - they can be linked to any work item, regardless of company, letting them send and receive communications from them, and they can also be added to any team, regardless of the company the team leader is linked to. This is particularly useful when your organisation has different operations set up as separate customers.
User’s username, with which they login to all Enate applications
First Name
User’s first name
Last Name
User’s last name
The user’s work email address
User's preferred language for work Manager. See below for more details.
Time zone
The user’s local Time zone
The working calendar for this user
Single Sign-On user
Whether the user can access Enate via single sign-on.
Use only in conjunction with environments which have been set up with Single Sign-on
Send Welcome Email
Whether to send an automated welcome email upon creating the user

Further details about Language Setting

If a language is not set while creating the User, the system will use the language of the User’s company as its default.
The 'Welcome Email' will be sent in the selected language as well.
An end-user’s language setting determines which welcome email template to use, and when setting the value for schedule-driven Work Items (which have the name of the schedule as part of the Work Item title and therefore the email subject).
If the schedule name has been localised into that language, the system will use the localised term instead.

Attributes in the Access Tab

Team Leader
Whether the user is a Team Leader
Team Leaders get the Manage Page set as their home page, have access to the ‘Queues’ page to manage their Queues, Team members and who works out of which Queue.
Can see Peers and Queues
Whether the user can see other users and the queues they work out of.
If this is not set, Team Member users will only see the work items which are assigned to & owned by them on their Home page. If this is ticked, all worked items in queues they work out of, and work items with other members of their team can be seen.
Can Assign
Whether the user can reassign work which they have access to see.
*This single setting replaces the permissions-record based approach previously used for this.
Can Create
Whether the user can create work which they have access to see.
*This single setting replaces the permissions-record based approach previously used for this.
Can Access Builder
Whether the user can access Builder in addition to Work Manager
Use for BAs and Administrators
Can Edit Shared Configuration
Whether the user can change data which is shared between business areas.
When shared data such as Due Date rules, Tags etc. are changed, they affect multiple areas - as such a specific permissions exists to say whether an Admin can make such changes.
Can Access User Management
Whether the user can access the User Management screen in Builder
If this access is not ticked, Admins will not be able to access or edit the User management section of Builder.
Can Set Live
Determines whether you can set Case, Ticket processes to live.
You can use this attribute to help support segregation of capabilities - allowing you to specify that people who build processes in BUilder aren't necessarily the same people who can set those processes live. This supports the existence of a 'Release Manager' role.
Allowed Work Types
Whether the user can access the ‘Test mode’ in Work Manager to view test Work Items, or only normal ‘Live’ environment Work Items.
Options are:
Live Testing Testing and Live
User Groups
Any user groups this user may belong to.
User Groups are used for controlling permissions. If the groups this user is part of are given permissions to customers/contracts/serices/case or ticket processes, this user will have access to work items in those areas. Note that User Groups are only relevant for Service Agents.

Access to Contact Management Page

To give a user access to the Contact Management Page, they user must have Access to Builder and must be able to 'Edit Shared Configuration':

Attributes in the Details Tab

Clicking on the ‘See More’ link in the User details model screen which show more detailed User Attributes:
Telephone Number
User’s telephone number
Mobile Number
User’s mobile number
Known As
User’s popular or nickname
Date of Birth
User’s date of birth
Employee ID
Uniquely identifying ID for this user.
Total Capacity
The number of working hours (and mins) this user works per day.
Cost Per Hour
The resource cost of this user per hour while they are working
Can be used in costing reporting.
User’s address
Office Location
General field available to denote office location if relevant.

Attributes in the Password Tab

In the Password Tab you can set the Robot password.
As per password policy, passwords:
  • Should not contain username, first name and surname.
  • Should contain at least contain 8 characters.
  • Should not exceed 16 characters.