Ticket Configuration

This section explains the features available to you once you have created a new Ticket under a Service and are ready to start configuring.

The Ticket screen allows you to set which Ticket categories are selectable when someone is submitting a Ticket, this could be an end user submitting a Self Service form, or a Service Centre agent taking a call.

Each new Ticket category you add will appear in the dropdown lists on the Ticket submission form at runtime. Ticket categories are three levels deep. You choose the categories from a master menu of Ticket categories.

Once you’ve added a category for this Ticket, you set the various attributes necessary to determine how it will act at runtime. Primarily you set ‘Who does it go to’ (i.e. which Queue, and perhaps which position), ‘When is it due’ and some further general settings. The options available for you to pick here are a standardised list of ‘Flavours’, shared between Case, Ticket and Action configuration.

Once you have finished setting these attributes, you can set the Ticket process live.

All that remains is to add an input channel in Configuration Manager to allow users to launch the Ticket, and you are ready to start delivering Service.

At runtime, the user will select the category as part of submission, and the system will subsequently know how to route the work, what behaviour it should have, and when it is due.

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