Combining Consecutive Actions

Often in a process map there will be consecutive actions performed by the same resource:

In Enate, an ACTION can have a set of constituent CHECKS. These can represent parts of the activity, but cannot be allocated to different resources or have different due dates.

In the example, these 3 ACTIONS might all be done by the same person with a single overall due date, the constituent activity could then be modelled as checks. This greatly simplifies the map.

Calculate Pay and Start

  • Calculate Pay Band

  • Calculate Start Date

  • Calculate Salary

You would NOT do this if:

  • The ACTIONS need to go to different resources

  • The ACTIONS have different due dates

  • The ACTIONS status need to be highly visible

    • A team leader could see the checks haven’t been done by looking in the ACTION packet, or in dashboards, but couldn’t see it in the Team Leader page or Inbox view.

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