Setting Teams and Queues


As a Team Leader (someone who has people reporting to them in Enate), the Home page needs to know who reports to you and what Queues you are in charge of. These settings can be adjusted in the Queues page, which you can open from the navigation section.

If you have no data set up yet, the page will open in Edit mode by default. Otherwise, it will show the Queues that you manage (along with the people who are working out of that Queue), and the list of people who report to you, i.e. your Team.

Editing Queues

You can Edit these settings as follows:

  • Add a Queue. You are also able to add yourself as a manager to a Queue. This includes Queues which may already be managed by a different Team Leader (you will now both be managers of this Queue).

  • Remove a Queue, i.e. unset yourself as the manager of a Queue.

  • Add / remove Team Members to one or more of your Queues.

  • Add and remove Robots to your Queues. You can add/remove all the robots (or just those selected) in a farm to a Queue at one time.

  • Set a mixed resource Queue to ‘Strict mode’ - In Queues where there is a mixture of human and robot resources, switching on 'Strict Mode' sets any human users in the Queue as fall-back resources only, only receiving work from here if its robots are for some reason currently unable to carry out the work in the Queue.

Queues with multiple managers

Queues can be set to have more than one manager.

Example: Consider Manager 1 and Manager 2 as two team leads where Manager 1 needs visibility on the Queue of Manager 2. Manager 1 can simply add the Queue of Manager 2 to his Queues page to have the visibility of the same Queue.

Click on the edit option and add the specified Queue where it shows that the Queue is managed by Manager 2. This does not remove managerial responsibility from the current manager.

If a Queue is managed by multiple people then the users that report to you are filtered under 'Managed by me' and the other users who report to the other person are filtered under 'Managed by others'.

Editing My Team

You can add and remove Users to 'My Team'. When you are adding users to your team, you do so by building up a list of the users who report to you.

A user can only report to one Team Leader, so when you add a user to a team, you may be resetting who they report to – if they previously reported to a different Team Leader that will now be wiped and reset to you. They will no longer have that user report to them, and will not have visibility of the user (unless they are still in Queues that the Team Leader manages).

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