Creating a New Case Process

To create a brand new Case process, click the '+' icon in a blank Case cell on the Service Matrix screen.

You will be taken to a blank Case Screen and be met with the ‘Case Clone’ pop-up.

Here you have two options. You can either choose to clone the settings from an existing Case or you can choose to create a Case from scratch.

If you want to create a Case from scratch, simply click away from the pop-up. This will leave your new Case screen blank and you can start adding our Actions and settings as desired.

If you want to clone the settings from an existing Case, select a Case from the ‘Case Clone’ pop-up whose settings you want to copy to your new Case.

Processes from a different Case type will be highlighted in grey with a yellow border.

The 'Same Process Types Only' option lets you filter down the available processes to only show processes from the same Case type. It is disabled by default.

The 'Exclude Local Checklist' option lets you exclude local checklists from the original Case being cloned to your new Case. You can find out more about local checklists here.

You can also filter the processes by customer, contract and service. Contract options will be based the customer selection and the service options will be based on the customer and contract selections.

Once you have selected a Case, the settings from that existing Case will be cloned into your new Case's screen. From here you can adjust the Actions and settings as desired.

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