Canned Response Configuration

In the ‘Canned Response’ part of the Email section you can select which Email Template content that should be made available as reusable standard body texts for Service agents when they 're writing emails on work items in Work Manager.

Canned Responses use Email Templates which are set with a Purpose of ‘General’, and provide the same functionality as email templates, with one difference: Email Templates are used as the the content for in-process auto-generated emails; Canned Response sections are added manually by a user when composing an email to send out from a Case/Ticket/Action.

Note: Only the email body text from the Email Template is used when inserting a Canned Response into an email in Work Manager. Other values e.g. email subject are ignored.

The availability of an email template to be usable as canned response text is defined at the SERVICE LINE level - i.e. you pick which service lines you want that email text to be available in. The steps required are as follows:

  1. Create a 'General' email template in the Email Template section.

  2. Got to the Canned Response section and select if it should be available for a Service Line or not.

And that's it!

Canned Responses in Work Manager

When writing an email in a Ticket, Case or Action, you can insert a Canned Response by clicking on the relevant icon at the bottom of a write an email screen. This will show you all canned texts available for the Service Line and you can use the free text search function to filter items by title.

Additionally, more than one canned response can be added to the same manually composed email. Attachments and tags are managed in the same way as for templates - if there's a file linked to the template, it will be auto-added to the email when you insert the associated canned response.

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