Contacts Card


The contacts card in the side panel of Tickets, Cases and Actions is where you can specify the people who relate to the work item and set their contact tags.

Clicking on an individual record will display the contact detail's information in a new tab showing the Contact Activity Page.

Auto-population of the contacts card

Contacts populated from an initial email

When an email arrives from an address which is associated with a system user or an external contact which has been previously recorded in the system then their details are automatically populated on the contacts tab when the Ticket is created by the system. They will automatically be tagged as the Original Requester Requester, Subject and Primary Contact. These tags can be removed.

Optionally the first operator to assess the Ticket can also set them as the Primary Contact if deemed appropriated by their assessment. If you tag another contact as any of these relationship types, the tag will be removed from the previous contact.

Contacts populated from Contact Activity Page

Similarly, when a work item is created from the 'Start work item' button on the Contact Activity Page of a contact, that contact will be tagged as the Original Requester, Requester, Subject and Primary Contact of the work item.

Manually adding contacts to the contacts card

You can also add contacts to the work item manually by searching for them in the contacts card.

Note that you will only be able to view contacts from the same company as the work item.

If you search for a user in the contacts card that does not exist in the system, you can create a new contact by clicking on the ‘Create Contact’ option and filling in the contact's details.

If you have written the email address for the contact, the system will decode and auto-populate the first name and last name of the contact. Once you fill in all the information and click on create contact, the system will redirect you back to the work item.

When you manually add a contact for the first time, they will be tagged as the Primary Contact, Original Requester, Requester and Subject by default. You can manually reassign the Primary Contact, Requester and Subject tags to other users afterwards, but note that the Original Requester tag cannot be changed once it has been set.

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