Canned Texts

Canned Texts are standard pre-configured texts which are created as part of system configuration.

When writing an email, you can insert a Canned Text by clicking on the Canned Texts icon at the bottom of a write an email screen. This will show you all canned texts available for the Service Line and you can use the free text search function to filter items by title.

You can also use the ‘recently used’ option by clicking on the dropdown list, allowing you to quickly access a more relevant canned text. You can also manually modify canned texts after they have been inserted into your email.

Note: Any files linked to the canned text section will also be attached at the same time.

Show by Language

You can also select a canned text in a different language by clicking on the language in the dropdown list.

Note: The system will show the canned text in your language by default.

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