Over the past few months at Enate we've been releasing more and more AI-driven features to help tackle the grind of first email management: sorting, classifying and extracting data from them, then expanding out into analysing incoming documents to help with that.

Now, we're taking a really significant step forward and are expanding our AI capabilities with the release of 'EnateAI - AIAnalyst'. With this, you can seamlessly integrate AI-driven activities throughout your business processes.

AI Analyst's capabilities can navigate through complex service workflows to carry out time-consuming tasks for you like invoice matching, change of directors, and payment reconciliation. These areas, traditionally bogged down by extensive manual effort, are getting a major efficiency boost from Analyst, handling a significant portion of the workload with minimal human intervention. Click below to check it out

pageEnateAI - AI Analyst (Beta)

AI Analyst builds on top of the work we've already done in the Email space, with a number of AI integrations to support how you can more easily deal with incoming emails, turning unstructured data into structured data, fast and adding extra insights into the information you can get from your mails.

pageEnateAI for Email

In addition to turning unstructured email data into structured data, EnateAI for IDP is also available to automatically extract relevant data from the Files attached to incoming emails, so that this data can be used in further processing of the work item, saving your agents time and effort.

pageEnateAI for IDP - Document Extraction

All these integrations are available at the flick of a switch in Enate's Marketplace.

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