'Peer Review' Actions


Peer Review Actions are a great way for different members of a team to crosscheck each other's work for key Actions within a Case.

Peer Review Actions involve two parts: the first part is completing the Action, done by one user. The second part involves reviewing the Action to check it was completed correctly, done by a different user.

Watch this video for a quick overview about how to use Peer Review Actions in Work Manager:

Step 1: Completing the Action

The Peer Review Action will first appear in a state of 'To Do' to the user who is tasked with completing the Action.

The peer review symbol will let you know if you are completing an Action that is then going to be reviewed by a peer:

The first user needs to complete the Action as normal and mark it as 'Resolved'.

Step 2: Reviewing the Action

Once the Action has been completed and marked as 'Resolved', the Action is then assigned to a different user to review, back in a state of 'To Do'.

Note: The person who carried out the manual activity cannot also perform the peer review activity.

The peer review symbol will let you know if you are peer reviewing an Action that was completed by a colleague:

When you are on the screen of the Action which is being peer reviewed, you'll see a Peer Review text box along the top, allowing the reviewer to add any overall comments relating to reviewing how the Action was completed.

The checklist is only available when the Action is in a state of 'To Do' and only the assigned reviewer is able to edit the checklist.

Once you have finished your review activity, switch the status of the Action to resolve and then choose if the review was a Pass, Fail or was Unable to be completed and then click to confirm.

Passing the Review

If you're happy to approve the activity, selecting 'Pass' will mark it as such and will close the Action on-screen. You can add a comment, but it is not mandatory.

If you then click to re-display the action, you'll see that next to Peer Review it now says Passed, and any comments entered can be read.

Failing the Review

If the Action has not been done correctly, you should select 'Fail' and must add a comment in the Peer Review Comments section with the details of why.

Submitting the review will then return this Action back to the agent who carried out the original activity in a state of 'To Do'.

When that original agent opens the Action, they'll see 'Failed' next to the peer review, and will be able to read all of the comments left by the reviewer.

Their role now is obviously to redo that activity to correct the issues raised, then once again mark it as resolved. It will then be routed through to the reviewer again to carry our another peer review.

When Review is not possible

The other option is that the reviewer is unable to successfully carry out a review. In this circumstance they should select 'Unable to complete'. The system will then ask the reviewer to provide a reason as to why they were unable to complete the review.

Once that has been provided, they can mark the Action as resolved.

This closes the Action and marks it as 'not done successfully'. This escalates up to the Case, which will now display a warning symbol and the notification that the case needs intervention in order to move forward.

Bypassing the Peer Review

It IS sometimes the case that the peer review activity gets automatically bypassed if it meets certain criteria set as part of the Case configuration.

If that happens, then as soon as the manual Action is completed, the system will move straight on to the next Action and will avoid routing the work to someone to peer review.

Further to this, a note will subsequently be displayed in the Actions list on the Case screen, showing that the peer review activity was not required.

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