General Settings Flavours (Action Only)

Further general settings are set for Actions in the Action info grid.

General Settings attributes have been grouped together and standard combinations of them are shared but not completely globally (i.e. not between Cases, Ticket, Actions like the other types of flavours). Instead, these are shared for an individual Action type, i.e. shared among anywhere that a specific Action you pick from the menu of Actions is used.

General Settings flavours are made up of the following attributes:




You can enter text instructions for that specific Action which end-users need to follow. This will be displayed on the Action form.


Customers can put their Standard Operating Procedure on e.g. their intranet, and that link can be provided here. This allows our customers to have specific SOP’s for different Action. If a URL is entered here, a direct link is be provided on the form. Please enter a full url.

Autocomplete on Timeout

If ticked, this Action gets automatically completed after it has timed out.

Hide Case Link

By checking this checkbox user can hide the hyperlink leading to the Case it belongs to.

Pause Case if this Action is paused

On checking this checkbox, the whole Case Processes’ SLA clock pauses if this Action is kept on Hold for some reason.

Record Count

How the Record Count should behave on this Action. Options are:

  • Hide – Record Count doesn’t show on the Action.

  • Show – Update Case Value - the Record Count will show on the Action and whenever this value is changed on that Action, it will also update the Record Count on its parent Case.

  • Show – Do not update Case - the Record Count will show on the Action, but whenever this value is changed on that Action, the Record Count on is parent Case will not be updated.

Estimated Duration

Estimated amount of time in minutes that it takes to complete this Action. This can be in increments of a minute or whole minutes, e.g. 3.5 minutes, 124 minutes etc.

Can be Performed by Robotics Group

If you have Robot Farm groups set up (done via user Manager), you can specify whether an Action can be performed by a Robot group, and which specific group that is.

Estimated Robot Duration

If you have a Robot group selected, you can specify how long is the estimated amount of time take for a robot to carry out this task. This can be in increments of a minute or whole minutes, e.g. 3.5 minutes, 124 minutes etc.


This is a list of skills which are required to perform this task, and are used for MI purposes to help identify Activities which are ripe for automating.


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