Splitting a Ticket

If a Ticket contains multiple separate queries / questions which are better managed separately you can split the Ticket. Click on the Split tab in the Activities tabs to start the split:

The screen will default split into two Tickets. You can manually add more splits if you wish by clicking on the '+' icon. The Title, Description and Context (Customer >> Ticket Category etc.) are copied from the current Ticket, but all can be modified. You can choose to keep each separate Ticket with you.

Confirm the Ticket split by clicking the button in the Info card:

After splitting, the original Ticket will be set to ‘Wait– split Ticket’ with links to the new Tickets the original was split into.

Once the split Tickets are resolved and the feedback window if they have one has expired, this original Ticket will be set to fully complete.

For SLA purposes the start date of the original Ticket is copied to each of the Resulting Tickets and the time when the original Ticket has been marked as Resolved is calculated as the time when the last Ticket it has been split into gets resolved.

For example, if Ticket A has been split into Tickets B and C, and Ticket B is resolved at '2022-02-02 01:10:00' and Ticket C is resolved at '2022-02-03 02:00:00', the time marked for when Ticket A is Resolved will be '2022-02-03 02:00:00'.

You can cancel the splitting of a Ticket at any time by navigating away from the Split tab (the main Action button on the Ticket changes away from ‘Split’, so you can be sure you’re not splitting it).

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