Adding new Tickets & Cases

Creating new Case and Ticket types

In addition to being able to create new Case and Ticket types from the Service Line, you are able also to create new Case and Ticket types from the Service Matrix screen itself. Click the '+' icon, select a Case or a Ticket and then fill out the required information in the resulting popup.

A new column will then be added to the Service Matrix.

The new Case/Ticket will also be added to the Service Line:

Creating new Ticket / Case Processes

On the Service Matrix screen, hover over the grid position where you wish to add the Ticket / Case and click the resulting ‘+’ icon.

This will take you to the Ticket or Case screen where you can begin configuration.

Note: You can only do this if you have already added a Contract and Service to the row. If no '+' icons displays, ensure you have a Contract & Service in place for that Customer.

Different Configuration States of Case and Ticket

As you configure the settings of a new Case or Ticket, it can move through various states until it is ready to run Work Items through in Work Manager.

The key in the top right tells you the states of the Cases and Ticket processes.

Click here for more information about individual states.

Opening / Editing / Setting a Ticket or Case Live

Once a Case or Ticket exists, you can access it from the Services Matrix by clicking on it, which will open a dropdown list of options. The options listed vary depending on the state of the Case or the Ticket.




Opens the Case / Ticket configuration in read-only mode.


Opens the Case / Ticket configuration ready for editing. If the process was Live before, a draft version will be created for you to make changes in, otherwise changes are made into the existing draft version.


This lets you set user Permissions in conjunction with User Groups to control levels of access for your Service Agents to the various parts of your business operations.

Cloned Processes

This lets you see all the instances where the work item has been cloned.

Set Live

Sets Ticket / Case process live. Makes it available to start Work Items in Work Manager. Purges any test Work Items previously created.


The entire Case / Ticket process is deleted. New Work Items will no longer be startable in Work Manager. Note that you can always choose to create a brand new Ticket / Case process in its place. If you delete a Ticket or a Case that has linked Email Routes, you will be notified of this and will need to update the respective Email Routes in order to stop them from creating more work for this Ticket or Case.

Discard Draft

If there is a draft version with, that draft version is removed, along with the changes made within it.

Show in Contacts

Determines whether the Case / Ticket should be available to launch from within the 'Contact Activity' page.

Everyone can start

If the 'Everyone can start' option is enabled, any Work Manager user will be able to start the process from the ‘+ Work item’ link in Work Manager, even if they don't have permission to access, open and edit the work item.

Show in Self Service

Enable this option if you want the Case to be available to Self Service users.

Note that this option is only available for Cases.

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