Enate's Notifications keep you up to date on what's happening with any Tickets, Actions and Cases you're interested in to keep you in the loop at all times. You've got lots of flexibility with how you receive notifications, in terms of which items you follow, what events you're notified about for them and how they're delivered to you.

You've got various options at your disposal:

  • Follow individual Work Items

  • Follow all Work in your Work Inbox

  • Follow all work in your Queues

Getting notifications on Individual Work Items

Following a Work Item

You can choose to get notifications about a particular work item - just open it in Work Manager and click the 'Follow' option in the header bar.

While you're following a work item, you'll receive a notification whenever any of the events you have selected in your Notification Settings occur - things like changes in state, changes in its assignee, etc.. If you have chosen to also be notified by browser pop-up and /or email, you will receive copies of your notifications via those channels too.

Points to note:

  • You can follow a work item in any state except Draft and Closed.

  • You can only follow work items that you have permissions on.

  • You will never automatically be set to following an individual work item.

  • You can only follow an individual work item by manually clicking to follow it from its work item screen. The one exception to this rule is when you're following a Ticket and that Ticket is subsequently set to split. In that circumstance you will automatically be set to follow all the Tickets that the original was split into.

  • When you click to follow a work item, you will only be set to following that work item and not work items that are related to it e.g. other Actions in a Case, or any linked work items.

  • If you choose to follow an Action and that Action's parent Case gets reworked, you will not be notified when that Action automatically closes as part of the rework, and you will not automatically follow that Action when the new one is relaunched from the new Case. If you want to follow the Action again, you can select to do so manually.

Unfollowing a Work Item

You can 'Unfollow' a work item at any point by clicking 'Unfollow' from the work item screen.

You can only unfollow a work item by manually clicking to unfollow it or if the work item moves to a state of Closed. When a work item moves to Closed, all of the users who were following it will be set to unfollow.

Customising Notifications

You can choose which notifications you want to receive and how by going to your User Settings and clicking to view your Notification Settings.

In addition to choosing to follow an individual work item, you can also use the notifications settings page to specify more generally which notifications you want to automatically receive. There are two parts to this:

  • First, you specify which work items you want to receive, e.g. item's in your own Work Inbox.

  • Further to this, you specify which events about those work items you want to be notified about.

See below for details ..

Which Items to notify me about - Scope

You can choose to receive notifications for work items in your Work Inbox and/or for work items in your Queues.

Which Events to notify me about

In addition to this, you need to choose which events you want to be notified about for these Work Items.

The options are as follows:

Note that you will only ever receive one notification about the same event for a work item.

How to notify me - different types of Notifications

For each event you subscribe to, you will automatically get notified in Work Manager in the Notifications Centre (via the Notifications icon in the header bar) - with a counter showing the number of unread notifications. However you can additionally choose if you also want to be notified by email and/or by browser pop-up.

Notifications Centre

The Notifications icon shows you how many unread notification messages you have.

Clicking on the Notifications icon will display your Notifications Centre.

This will show the notification messages you have received (displaying the latest 100 notifications), sorted into 'All' and 'Unread'.

Clicking on the notification will take you to the work item it relates to.

You also have the option to mark individual and (from the ellipses menu) all notifications as read.

Mute Notifications - Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb option turns off all email and browser pop-up notifications. Note: you'll still continue to receive notifications in your Notifications Centre.

You can adjust your notification preferences by clicking on the 'Notification Settings' option or by going to you User Settings and then clicking to view 'Notification Settings'.

Notifications will be sent in the user's preferred language. If a user switches to a different language, all previous notifications will remain in the previous language, but any new notifications will appear in the new preferred language.

Browser Pop-Up Notifications

If you have Browser pop-up notifications turned on, whenever a notification is generated they will appear on the bottom-right of your screen. Clicking on the link to the work item will take you direct to that work item.

Browser pop-up notifications will appear on any screen as long as you are logged into a Work Manager session.

Allowing Popup notifications in your Browser

You may need to adjust your browser settings in order for browser pop-up notifications to appear. If you need to do this, you will be alerted in the Notifications Centre.

To adjust your browser settings, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Permissions > Notifications and adjust the settings to ensure that sites can send notifications to your browser.

Note that if Do Not Disturb is on, email notifications and browser pop-up notifications will be disabled and will no longer appear until Do Not Disturb has been switched off. Additionally, browser pop-up notifications will not appear when the browser is in incognito mode.

Email Notifications

Email notifications will be sent to the email address that is configured for users in Builder.

The address that the email will be sent from is Unmonitored Email Address that has been configured in Builder.

Email notifications will contain a link to the work item they relate to. If a user is already logged in to Enate, clicking on the link will take them straight to that work item. If the user has logged out, clicking on the link will take them to the Enate log in screen. Once they have logged in, they will be taken straight to the work item.

Note that if Do Not Disturb is on, email notifications and browser pop-up notifications will be disabled and will no longer appear until Do Not Disturb has been switched off.

Desktop Notifications

How to see Desktop Notifications

In addition to seeing your notifications within the Work Manager Notifications Centre, as browser popups and via email, you can also set to see your browser popups within various parts of your Desktop, e.g. in your windows start menu and on your machine's lock screen.

Sounds for Desktop Notifications

Sounds can also be turned all turned on within your desktop's notifications settings to allow for sounds to play whenever a desktop notification shows.

Turn off all Notifications

You can choose to turn off ALL notifications by selecting this option in your User Settings tab at the top of the Notifications Settings section.

While this option is switch on, no notifications will be generated for you. Your preferences will have been saved for when you want to turn notifications back on.

Note: If and when you choose to resume notifications, the system will begin to generate new notifications for you but any which would have been generated in the interim period will not be retrospectively created.

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