EnateAI for Email

EnateAI offers a number of different AI integrations to support how you can more easily deal with incoming emails, turning unstructured data into structured data, fast and adding extra insights into the information you can get from your mails.

The configuration of the EnateAI adapters is super simple and is just a click of a button to enable.

We have also added a number of OpenAI adapters that allow you to talk to the OpenAI API (which is open to everyone) directly via your own OpenAI account and API keys. You can also monitor usage of API requests sent via this API in the open AI interface.

And if you'd rather run these patterns via your own Azure platform, our new AzureAI adapters allow you to use your own Azure instance of OpenAI which you can manage and control, providing you with a great deal of control and detail of the information going through the API.

EnateAI for Email contains the following integrations:

  • Email Classification - analyzes incoming emails which result in the creation of a new Ticket amd automatically classifies and categorizes the Ticket, saving agents having to do this manually.

  • Email Data Extraction - auto-populates important information from incoming emails which are creating new work items into data fields in the custom cards of your Tickets and Cases, saving agents from having to do this manually.

  • Thank You Email Evaluation - automatically detects whether incoming emails to a Resolved work item are just simple 'thank you emails', and if so then have them automatically moved back to a state of 'resolved' without agent users having to manually perform such repetitive checks.

  • Sentiment Analysis - analyzes the content of every incoming email, determines their sentiment - e.g. if they're positive or negative and displays this information to your users to they can determine the sentiment of an email at a glance.

You've also got the flexibility to control which of these Integrations run on which Mailboxes - keeping all your options open as to where you want AI to support your agents.

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