Automation Anywhere

Information on how to integrate Enate with Automation Anywhere


Enate supports a number of RPA technologies including UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate.

Enate provides easy integration with Automation Anywhere via the Automation Anywhere Mbot connector. This enables bots to get work from the Enate platform, edit the data, add or download files and update the Enate platform. Additionally, new work items can be created on the Enate platform using the Automation Anywhere Activity.

We have an online swagger API documentation to help when you need some assistance with the JSON structure returned from any of the metabot Actions. This will help you to understand parts of the DTO and how to populate and what data types are required for each part of the DTO:

Please note: Enate currently supports up to version 11 of Automation Anywhere.

Getting Started

You can find out how to set up Enate and Automation Anywhere to start including Enate activities in your bot routines here:

pageGetting Started with Automation Anywhere

Latest Version

The latest version of Automation Anywhere supported by Enate is version 11. This version is compatible with version 2022.5 and above of Enate.

You can download the Automation Anywhere Metabot Logic Library for version 11 here:

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