What's New in Enate

Hi, and welcome to the 'What's New' section of Enate Help, where you can catch up on all the recent features and enhancements we've been adding to Enate. In the following sections you'll see explainers for the features which you get with each new version, as well as detailed release notes for any bug fixes and smaller enhancements.
While this 'What's New' section will keep you up to date on all the recent additions to Enate, it's not a comprehensive source of all of Enate's features. For a fuller picture, you should check out the main Enate Help section.
One further note: This information on recent Work Manager enhancements is also available in a number of different languages - see the language dropdown at the top of the nav section here to view localised explainers.

Latest Release Overview - v2023.2

In version 2023.2 of Enate, we've added some features in Work Manager and in our Integration features to help with planning and tracking your work. We've added a Focus List to let you create lists of Tickets, Actions & Cases that you want to concentrate on. We've adjusted the Team Work Inbox to show ALL Work Items, even those in Wait states, to make team planning easier.
As Enate Marketplace continues to grow, we've added in a number of Email Analysis features to your Integration options, to help categorize and deal with repetitive tasks for incoming emails so you don't have to.
In preparation for some more wide-ranging advances in Work Manager over the next few releases, we've also made the jump to being a Multi-page Application - now when you open links in Work Manager they'll open in brand new dedicated tabs in your browser.
Watch this video to find out more about this and other enhancements:

Recent Releases

In the 2023.1 release, we focussed on improvements to Builder for enhanced Case flow construction. You've now got much richer ability to use conditionality within your flows: routing down different paths based upon Action checklist responses is now supported, plus you can now bypass peer reviews of manual actions based on conditionality. Merging of different branches of your flows back together into a single action is now supported too.
Watch this video to find out more:
Check out these and other new features in the 2023.1 release in more detail in this dedicated section:
In the v2022.6 release we focussed on making working between multiple teams slicker, as well as adding some further features to our Email views. Custom Cards have also had some useful features added for a richer user experience. Watch the following video for an overview of these changes and more...
You can also check out the dedicated section for the 2022.6 release to see these changes in more detail:
In the 2022.5 release we added a few enhancements while we work on the upcoming Self Service release. These are focussed on improving how you can deal with Work items, for example slicker transition from Ticket to Case, and giving more flexibility when creating linked items.
We also added in some Builder improvements too which focus on better support for incoming emails. Plus we've created a brand new way that 3rd party system can integrate with Enate via Application Credentials.
Check out this video for a quick overview of these changes:
You can also go to the dedicated v2022.5 section for more details on these updates: