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Hi, and welcome to the 'What's New' section of Enate Help, where you can catch up on all the recent features and enhancements we've been adding to Enate. In the following sections you'll see explainers for the features which you get with each new version, as well as detailed release notes for any bug fixes and smaller enhancements.

Latest Release Overview - v2022.5

In this latest release we've added a few enhancements while we work on the upcoming Self Service release. These are focussed on improving how you can deal with Work items, for example slicker transition from Ticket to Case, and giving more flexibility when creating linked items. Some Builder improvements focus on better support for incoming emails. Check out the main changes in this overview:
You can look at all these updates in more detail in the v2022.5 Changes Overview section:

Recent Releases

The 2022.4 release introduced a number of new views and improvements into Work Manager to give you an 'Email First' way of working - keeping you on top of all incoming and sent communications. On top of that, a some new features were added to help with connecting Work Items together - improving visibility for work items within Related groups (e.g. Cases and their Actions), and making it easier to link work together. Check out the main changes in this overview:
In our 2022.3 release we gave our Notifications features a major overhaul, providing operations users and Team Leaders lots more features and fine-tuning options so they're actively kept informed about activity on the Tickets, Actions and Cases they're interested in. Check out these changes to see the features you've now got in this space..
If you're running on an earlier version of Enate right now you might want to check out some of the important changes we made in version 2021.1, where we added a number of enhancements to Work Manager, to Builder and to our API/Webhook capabilities. You can take a look at all of these new features via the link below:
While this 'What's New' section will keep you up to date on all the recent additions to Enate, it's not a comprehensive source of all of Enate's features. For a fuller picture, you should check out the main Enate Help section.
One further note: This information on recent Work Manager enhancements is also available in a number of different languages - see the language dropdown at the top of the nav section here to view localised explainers.
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Latest Release Overview - v2022.5
Recent Releases