How ABBYY FlexiCapture Actions Work At Runtime

Submitting a document for scanning

At runtime in Work Manager, when an ABBYY Action runs for a Case, documents attached to the Case can be submitted to ABBYY FlexiCapture for OCR Scanning and the processed output files will be returned and automatically attached to the Case.

In an ABBYY FlexiCapture Action, a user needs to submit a document (or multiple documents) to the ABBYY FlexiCapture engine for processing.

The system will confirm when documents have been submitted successfully.

Last attempt is the time when the document(s) have been submitted to the ABBYY FlexiCapture engine for processing.

Scan Quality Verification

After having scanned a document, decides how confident it is on the quality of the scan of the submitted documents and creates a confidence score.

If the confidence score is above a defined threshold, then no further verification is required and it will process the data and complete the task.

A status message will confirm that further validation is not required:

Once processing is complete, the ABBYY Action will close. Exported files will be attached to the Case and are visible in the Files Card.

Note: if Output File Tags’ have been set then ABBYY will apply the output tag to all files which it processed, ready for use in downstream activities.

If the confidence score is below a certain threshold, further verification is required. A human user must then check the scan before the task can progress further.

Additionally, a reminder text will display in next to the Action status to reaffirm that manual verification must be completed in ABBYY before continuing.

To do this, a user must click on the ‘Verify’ button and will be taken to the ABBYY Verification Station where they can verify the scans of the documents and adjust information as necessary.

Note : A valid ABBYY FlexiCapture account with permissions to carry out verification in the chosen project will be required for full access.

Once they are logged in, they will be presented with ABBY FlexiCapture’s Verification Station screen where they can review and adjust information as necessary.

The Verification Station is made up of three sections:

  1. The individual pages of the document to be scanned.

  2. A close up of the original document to be scanned.

  3. The Extracted Output - so the scanned version of the original document.

Text highlighted in yellow in the original document tab is the data ABBYY is unable to read. This is highlighted in red in the Extracted Output.

Certain characters like ‘i’ may also been highlighted in the Extracted Output section if ABBYY is uncertain about the scanned copy.

Once you’ve finished the manual verification, the screen will confirm this has been done but will note that there was an expectation which required manual intervention:‌

‌Once processing is complete, exported files will be attached to the Case and are visible in the Files tab.

You can then mark the Action as complete in the Info Card.

Potential Validation Issues

If the documents submitted were of an invalid file format or if there were problems with the formatting of the document itself, the system will return the following message.

If there has been an issue with document submission, the system will automatically retry submitting a certain number of times, depending on how your system has been configured in Builder (see here for more information).

If there is still a problem with submission following the automatic retries (e.g. if the retry setting is set to 5 and the system fails to establish a connection following 5 automatic retries), the ABBYY Action will move to a state of 'Closed'.

In this circumstance of the Action failing to establish connection with the external sytem, this will escalate to the Case Owner, highlighting in the Action section of the Case screen that this Action was Closed - Not Done Successfully.

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