Contacts Page


The Contacts Page is where you can view and manage all of your external contacts in one place.

Note: you will only be able to access the Contact Management Page if you have been set up with the relevant permissions in Enate Builder. See here for more information.

You can access the Contact Management page from the Navigation link. Your contacts and their information will be displayed in a table.

Note: Access to this Contacts page is not switched on for standard Team Member and Team Leader Roles. To give users access to this feature, a Custom Role must be created via the User Management section of Builder, with the 'Contacts' option switched.

Clicking on the first name link will open the Contact Activity page.

Adding Contacts

Adding an individual contact

You can add contacts from the Contact Management page by clicking on the Create Contact icon and filling out the details for the contact in the resulting popup.

Adding multiple contacts

You can import a list of contacts from an Excel spreadsheet in the Contact Management page. A template is provided and the template is supported in all of the languages that Enate offers.

It is mandatory to fill in the email address when importing Contacts from an Excel template. If you don't specify a company, the contact will automatically be set to global. See here for more information about company scoping.

Editing a Contact

To edit a contact, go to the Contact Management page and double click on the contact to bring up the Edit Contact popup.

You are also able to bulk edit the company, time zone, office location, preferred language of your contacts by selecting on the contact's tick box and the edit button will appear.

Deleting a Contact

To delete a contact, go to the Contact Management page and click on the contact's tick box and the delete button will appear. You are able to delete multiple contacts at once.

Adjusting Grid Settings

You can choose which columns to see by by clicking on the cog icon and selecting from your list of Standard Columns.

The Auto-created column option lets you see how external contacts have been created - if they have been created automatically or manually. Please note that once a contact that has been auto-created has had edits made to it, it will no longer display as an auto-created contact in the 'Auto Created' column of the Contact Management Page.

You can add custom columns to the grid by clicking on the cog icon and selecting from your list of Custom Data Columns. Custom Data Columns are created in Builder (click here for more information). Fields of all data types can be created with the exception of Table fields and Long Text fields.

You can sort the table by alphabetical order for a column by clicking on that column's title, and you can go back to the original selection of columns by clicking 'Revert to Defaults'.

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