Setting a Case Live

You can set a Case process live in multiple ways, either from the Case screen or from the Service Matrix.

From the Case Screen

To set a Case live from the Case screen, firstly click to save your Case process (you will need to be in 'Edit' mode to do this).

Any validation errors will be displayed with either a red or orange exclamation mark. These need to be fixed before the process can be set live.

Clicking on the validation icon will bring up the list of the validation errors that need to be fixed. Clicking on the error itself will highlight the source of the errors where you can correct the information.

Any serious errors will be marked by a red exclamation mark, these need to be resolved before the Case process can be saved.

Once all validation errors have been fixed, click to save the process again. The Case should now have a status of Validated Changes.

You can now set the Case live by clicking on the status drop down and selecting 'Set Live'.

The Case screen will close and you will be taken back to the Service Matrix where you can see that your Case process has been set live as it now has a green flag.

From the Service Matrix

You can also set a Case live from the Service Matrix Screen, provided it is in a state of Validated Changes, or Live with Validated Changes by clicking on the process and then selecting 'Set Live'.

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