Manually Launching An Action

Most often the Actions in a Case are started automatically (either by process flow or based on schedules). However, if an Action has been configured to be manually startable, you can do this from the Case.

Select the ‘Start Action’ tab in the Activities section. In the resulting panel, choose the Action type to launch (must have been configured as manually startable in Builder), set a due date and specify how many of the Action you wish to launch. Specify the Action instructions if you wish these to be different from the default instructions displayed.

Hit ‘Start Action’ to confirm. You can refresh the screen display to see the newly created Action:


  • You do not need to have the Case assigned to you in order to launch a new Action.

  • This option is also available from any of the Actions within the Case.

The tab will not close upon launching the new Action, as this is an additive activity which does not modify the current Case.

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