Focus List

The Focus List enables you to put together a list of work items that you want to concentrate on, perhaps as part of a focused daily to-do list, or as a handy shortcut to get to the items you're needing quick access to.

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You can add Tickets, Actions and Cases to the list, even ones which aren't assigned to you, up to a maximum of 50 items. You can get to your Focus List from anywhere in Work Manager by clicking on the Focus List icon in your header bar.

Clicking on an item in your list will take you directly to that work item, either in a new browser tab or in the existing view if you're set to open up links that way.

Adding Work Items to your Focus List

You can add items to your focus list in a few different ways:

  • Firstly, you can add them from within the Focus List itself by clicking on the plus icon and then searching for either the title or reference number of the work item you're looking for. Select which work item or items you want to add from the search result and click to add.

  • Another way is to click on the 'Add to Focus List' icon from within a Ticket, Action or Case.

  • And you also can also add items to the list from the homepage grid by selecting one or multiple items and then clicking the 'Add to Focus List' option that appears in the grid header.

Once they're added, work items can easily be arranged in your list, just drag and drop to relocate them.

Removal of Work Items from Focus List

If you're accessing a Ticket, Case or Action which is already in your Focus List, you'll be shown that with the ticked Focus list icon. You can click on that link again to remove it from your list, or, alternatively they can easily be removed from with the list itself - select one or more, click the remove link and then confirm.

One thing to note is that once a work item moves to a state of Resolved or Closed, it will automatically be removed from your focus list, freeing up space for other open items you want to focus on. However, users can still add items in either of these states into the Focus List if they want.

Allowing Opening of Work Items from Focus List

Additionally, when a user tries to open multiple links in new tab from the Focus List, occasionally they might not be able to and will instead be shown a pop-up stating that multiple tabs have been blocked from being opened. Users simply need to click to allow pop-ups and redirects from Enate.

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