User Roles in Work Manager

Enate allows a granular level of granting access to people based on their role and business requirements. These settings are defined in the User Management section of Builder.

Every user has a Work Manager role assigned to them. The role has a number of access options configured for it which determine what they can see and do in Enate.

Enate provides two standard, pre-configured roles for Work Manager:

  • Team Member - this is for Agent users who process Tickets, Actions & Cases and who report to a Team Leader. This role gives them access to work assigned to them, their team (people who report to the same Team Leader as they do) and work that is in the Queues that they work out of, but has fewer levels of access than the Team Leader role.

  • Team Leader - this is for senior members who manage a Team and oversee Queues. This role gives them access to set up and maintain their teams and Queues, to assign work to others, as well as to more advanced features such as creating customized reports.

This article provides a full breakdown of access options for Team Member and Team Leader roles.

If a standard role doesn't quite fit the bill, you can create custom roles that allow you to fine-tune levels of access to give users the exact combination of access levels they need.

Custom roles might be particularly useful in the following circumstances:

  • Senior Team Members - You may wish to create a custom role for your more senior team members which falls part-way between the standard 'Team Leader' and 'Team Member' roles, giving them access to some Team Leader-like features without needing to have them fulfil that role entirely.

  • Junior Team Members - You may wish to create a custom role for your more junior team members which gives them access to some 'Team Member'-like features while hiding other aspects of the system until they gain more experience

You can also give some Work Manager users access to Enate's Builder application, for example so that they can view local processes. You do this by assigning them a Builder role, see here for more information.

Users are also able to view which roles their team members have in Work Manager - clicking on a team member from the Team Bar will bring up their user profile which includes information such as their role title, its description (if one has been added), as well as a list showing which features that the user has access to.

If you find yourself needing to change the levels of access for yourself or users in your team, speak to your system admin.

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