Saving an Email as a Draft


To make your email work more flexible we've added the ability to save your emails as drafts if you're not quite ready to send them. Now when you are writing an email in a work item, you can choose to save the email as a draft and come back to it later.

When you are writing an email in a work item, you can choose to save the email as a draft and come back to it later. Drafts will be saved for a maximum of 90 days.

Note that you cannot save an email as a draft that exceeds the size set in Builder - see here for more information.

Viewing Draft Emails

If you have the Drafts filter in the comms/timeline tab switched on (note that this will be switched on automatically by default upon upgrade), you will see any saved draft emails for that work item in the comms/timeline.

You'll see who created the draft and when and the first few lines of the email.

If you click to expand the view, you'll also see the email address that the draft will be sent from, the address it will be sent to, any CC or BCC email addresses, the subject of the email, any attachments and the full email content if these have been added when the draft was saved.

You can edit a draft email from the timeline by clicking 'Update Draft'. This will open up the email editor where you can edit your draft. Note that you can only edit or delete a draft email from the work item it belongs to.

You also have the options to delete the draft, to open the email in a pop-out window or to print it.

Multiple users can work on the same draft, just not at the same time. A single work item can have multiple draft emails. These can all be seen and edited from the work item's comms/timeline.

When a draft already exists for a work item, the system will alert you to this when you start writing a new email so you can choose whether you want to continue writing your new email or whether you would like to edit the draft email instead.

If a work item has a draft email and you merge or convert a Ticket to a Case, you will be able to see the draft email in the comms/timeline or all work items in the related group as long as the 'Drafts' filter and the 'Include Related Work Items' filter are switched on.

The draft email will show in the timeline with the reference number of the work item it belongs to.

Note that draft emails will not be copied across when copying communications to a new linked work item, even when the 'Copy communications' option is enabled.

Attaching files to draft emails

An attachment icon in the draft email comms/timeline entry shows you if any files have been attached to the draft email.

Clicking to expand the comms/timeline view will show you the name of the attachment and give you the option to download it.

Additionally, any files attached to draft emails will show in the files tab and be marked with a draft icon. You can view, download or delete files attached to draft emails from here. Note that you cannot add notes or tags to files attached to draft emails.

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