Test Mode

How to use Enate's Test mode to check your config changes before setting them live.

Switching to Test mode

If your user account is set to allow you to access test data, you can switch your Work Manager environment over to ‘Test Mode’. This link is available in the user dropdown on the right of the header bar.

Test Mode Explanation

Once you are running in test mode you will only see test data; allowing you to create and run test work items through test versions of processes to verify them before setting live, all without affecting live production data.

As a visual reminder, the header bar is set to red when you are in Test mode.

Defining Different Managers and Members of Queues in Test Mode

Test mode functionality allows you to set a different manager for a Queue when running in Test mode vs. Live mode.

Example: Consider Manager 1 who has access to live mode and is responsible for managing two Queues, Funding and Master Case Queue.

In Test Mode, the same two Queues can be managed by another user who has Team Lead and Test Mode permission – see below example where Manager 2 has been set to be in charge of the Queues in Testing Mode.

Switch Robots between Live and Test

It is possible to switch a robot so that it can run in test mode or live mode. Specifically, two new activities have been added to the activity libraries for UiPath, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism (and the standard APIs adjusted so this can be called generically) as follows

  • Set Live Mode

  • Set Test Mode

These Actions allow you to flip a robot between test and live states. Once a robot has been flipped into Test mode, subsequent activity calls which the robot might make, e.g. ‘Get more work’ and ‘Create Ticket/Case etc.’ take place within that context of Test mode, getting and creating only test work items. The robot should be switched back to Live mode once the process is set to live, so ensure it is then creating live work items.

Test Contacts - Separate test contacts in the system

Enate supports the creation of separate Contact records in Test Mode, i.e. any contact records you create in Test mode will be accessible only to Test Mode users (and contacts created in live mode will be accessible only to Live mode users). This helps to ensure that emails from test packets are not accidentally sent to production users, and vice versa.

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