Exception Activities – Creating and Cloning New Flavours


If there is an existing flavour that has almost the settings that you require, you can use this as a source from which to clone a new flavour. Click the clone icon on the popup header; this will create a new flavour, allowing you to enter a new name and modify settings from the starting point as desired before saving.

Creating a brand new flavour

If none of the existing flavours meet your requirements you may need to create a new flavour from scratch. Simply click on the ‘Create New’ link at the foot of any of the flavour pickers and enter information in the resuling flavour popup.

Validation: When creating / cloning a new flavour, the system will not allow you to save the new flavour until it is valid. Once you have entered the required information nfor a flavour to be valid, the popup heard will turn green to show this. You must provide a name for your flavour.

Locked down flavours

There are two reasons that a flavour will become locked down and will therefore not be modifiable:

  • If it is shared in or more other locations (you can see this via the ‘Used by’ number in the popup header.

  • If it is used in a live Ticket / Case / Action.

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