Viewing Deleted Emails

You can view the unhandled incoming emails which were deleted by you / your team as part of dealing with them with the 'Deletion Audit' section of Unhandled Emails. This helps with an auditing how incoming emails which were unhandled have been dealt with.

Clicking on this 'Deletion Audit' link will bring up a view of all deleted unhandled emails within your area of the business. These are incoming unhandled emails where the decision was made to delete these mails rather than create a new Case or Ticket from them.

All filters and paging options are available as for the other email views in this page, but the emails themselves are shown in read-only mode..

Clicking on a deleted unhandled email will display the email in detail in the main section of the screen, with any attachments that it may have had.

Additionally, the header bar above the mail shows who deleted the email and when.

Note: You cannot 'undelete' emails which have been deleted, however if you wish to copy body text information from them you can do this by simply selecting the desired text and copying / Ctrl-C.

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