🚀Enate Implementations

​Video Playslists

Useful videos of Enate Builder and Work Manager from Enate's Youtube Channel

Custom Card Info

Cases & Tickets Explainer

Enate Reporting Info

Tableau reports showcasing some of the repors available as standard with Enate:

The Enate Data Dictionary explains every table in the Enate Data Warehouse database. You'll need this when building bespoke reporting solutions that incorporate Enate Data:

pageEnate Data Dictionary

Solutioning & Project Templates

Useful documents to help you with implementation projects and design workshops.

The Solutioning Journey is a document which explains the various stages during a typical Enate implementation project.

These template documents are useful when running an Enate implementation project.

Sample Workflow

An example of the kind of simple workflow document you may encounter as part of the a customer implementation workshop.

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