Creating a Schedule Structure

The first step to using schedule functionality is to create a schedule structure. A schedule structure is a framework of key date types which will ultimately be populated with dates for each time period when creating a schedule that references this structure.

To find out how to create a schedule structure, you can watch the following video or read the steps below.

To create a schedule structure, go to the ‘Schedule Structure’ page in the Schedules section of Builder:

Here you can view and edit all previously created schedule structures and add new ones.

To add a schedule structure, click on the '+' link. You can then define the schedule structure's name, give it a description, and define the dates which will be used (i.e. the structure of key dates throughout that period). Dates can be edited, reordered and deleted as desired.

Note: ‘Start Date’ is always defined by default as this is needed in order for the system to know when to start any Cases using this schedule structure.

Hit 'Save' to confirm creation of the schedule structure, then you can move on to creating one or more schedules which use this structure.

When editing a schedule structure, you are able to see the activity history of the schedule structure by clicking on the Show Activity button. You can see when the schedule structure was created and by who and you can see if any subsequent edits have been made, when they were made and by who.

You now need to create a schedule which uses this schedule structure.

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