Creating and Editing Customers

Creating Customers

To add Customer companies, click on the '+' icon at the top of the Service Matrix and select 'Customer'.

Fill in the customer settings in the resulting popup.

Customer Settings

The settings for Customers are:





The Name of the Company

Mandatory. Must be unique.


A description of the Company

External Reference ID

Optional field to store external ref number for this company

Optional. Primarily for use in Reporting / APIs. NOT displayed in Work Manager.

Working Hours per Day

The number of standard hours in a Working Day for this Customer. This value defaults to 8 hours, but can be set to any value.

This value can be set at company level as a default suggestion whenever a Contract is created for this Customer.

Value specified should not exceed the difference between start and end hours of work in the Default calendar selected above. Mandatory

Default Calendar

This a default working calendar which will be used as the suggested ‘Customer Calendar’ value when creating all of this customer’s contracts. Working calendars are used when calculating any Due Date/Times for activities configured to use the Customer’s working hours (e.g. ‘must be completed within 5 working hours, according to the Customer’s Working Calendar.


Default Language

Choose one of the languages that Enate offers.


Parent Company

If the 'Show Parent Company' has been switched on in the General Settings (see here for more information), you will be able to assign a Parent Company to a Customer here. Parent companies allow you to more easily manage your companies by creating a nested company structure where a parent company can maintain multiple child companies.

Once a parent company has been set, you can edit or remove it if there are no running work items with contacts that are scoped to the current parent company. If this is the case, you will only be able to change the parent company once all of these work items have closed and there are no more running work items with contacts that are scoped to the current parent company.

Self Service Environment*

If this Customer’s employees are allowed to access the Self Service site on their smartphones, select the Self Service Site to be used.

*Will only show if Self Service environments are set up in your system (setup carried out via the administrator’s ‘Manager’ application).

Allow permissions to Group

Subsequent Editing

To edit a Customer’s settings, click on the ellipses beside the Customer name and select the Edit link. Make your desired changes in the resulting popup and click OK to save changes.

You can see what edits have been made to the customer and when, as well as when the customer was created, and even when a customer was deleted by clicking on the Show Activity button in the Edit screen.

Cloning a Customer

You are also able to clone a customer by clicking on the Clone button in the Edit screen. This will clone all of the customer's settings apart from its name. You are able to make changes to any of the settings once the customer has been cloned.

Deleting a Customer

To delete a customer, click on the ellipses beside the Customer, hover over the delete link and click on 'Customer'.

If you delete a Customer which has linked Email Routes, you will be notified of this and will need to update the respective Email Routes in order to stop them from creating more work for this Customer.

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