Enate & UiPath Orchestrator Synchronization

IMPORTANT: Please note that this UiPath Orchestrator Synchronization feature will be removed from Enate as of version 2024.1


This section gives an overview of how to integrate Enate with the UiPath Orchestrator. It provides steps on how to establish a connection between UiPath Cloud Orchestrator and Enate.

UiPath Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to orchestrate our UiPath robots in executing repetitive business processes. Orchestrator lets you manage the creation, monitoring and deployment of resources in our environment. It acts as an integration point with third-party solutions and applications.

Enate’s process orchestration platform simplifies the process from start to finish, ensuring the right worker does the right thing at the right time. It streamlines the management and governance of large-scale processes involving digital, human and hybrid workforces.

There is a dedicated section available in Enate Builder to configure a bot Action where as soon as the bot Action is launched in Enate, it sends a message to the UiPath Orchestrator which creates a job in Orchestrator. Orchestrator then invokes the machine/bot to perform the action defined in the bot routine.

Enate has a dedicated RPA section available in the Builder, where we can create and maintain the connections to Orchestrators. Within this section, we can configure multiple UiPath Orchestrators with which the Enate environment can be synchronised.

UiPath Orchestrator Sync Settings

This document provides information regarding which version of UiPath in Enate works with which versions of UiPath Orchestrator:

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