EnateAI - 'Thank You' Email Evaluation

Our 'Thank You Email Evaluation' pattern, available in Marketplace in Builder automatically detects whether incoming emails to a resolved work are just simple 'thank you emails', and if so then have them automatically moved back to a state of 'resolved' without agent users having to manually perform such repetitive checks. Importantly, the 'Resolved' date of the work item remains as-is, i.e. it is unchanged when EnateAI automatically re-resolves the work item.


EnateAI is a zero configuration option supplied by Enate which uses our own Azure hosted OpenAI Instance for the GPT3 Engine.

This instance is shared with anyone that enables EnateAI so if you have high volume/high demand then you may be better off configuring your own Azure Open AI instance and using an Azure Open AI Adapter Version.

The setup of EnateAI - Thank You Email Evaluation is super simple - simply click to activate.

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