User Settings

Clicking on the user dropdown will show the following dropdown:

User Info

Clicking on your name or picture will bring up User Settings. Here you can select your preferred language, add a profile picture, change your password and select the date and time.


Enate currently supports the following languages:
  • British English
  • US English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
If you choose a non-English language, the UI and labels will be changed to the selected language. If your system admin has configured translation for Case/Ticket/Action in these languages, then all Case/Ticket/Action information will also appear in given language, see here for more information.

Profile Picture

Clicking ‘Edit Profile Picture’ will bring up picture control to pick up new image from your machine. Clicking the edit button will allow you to navigate to select picture. You can also delete the existing picture via the delete button.

Personalised Email Signature

Enate’s Email Signature feature allows you to configure your own signature for outgoing emails. You can use the Email Signature section to define the signature content to be sent in outgoing emails which you write.
Note: The configured email signature will only be included with the outgoing emails if the ‘Include my signature in the outgoing emails’ checkbox at the foot of this section is checked.
After you have created a signature, clicking on any of the links to bring up the ‘compose new email’ section in any work item will display the configured email signature at the bottom of the email body.

Change your password

If you wish to reset your password, enter your old and desired new password here, and then click the Save button. After a successful password reset, you will be redirected to the login page to log back in with your new password.

Other System Personalisation Options

  • The 'Include my signature in outgoing emails' option lets you choose whether or not to include your personalised signature in the emails you send.
  • 'Don't show create contact popup' lets you choose whether you want to get a Create Contact popup every time you communicate with a contact that isn't already in the system.
  • The 'Don't show new information warning' option lets you choose whether or not you wish to be notified every time you update a work item and you have not clicked on the new information icon to see the latest changes to the work item.
  • 'Don't show Global agent warning' lets you choose whether or not you want to be notified every time you add a global agent (i.e. an agent who is not linked to a specific company) to a work item.
  • The 'Don't show Check Details warning' option lets you choose whether or not you want to be warned every time you are sending an email to more than one address that is already connected to an Enate mailbox and you have not clicked to view the details for each work item that is being created/linked via that email address.
  • The 'Don't show 'Remove Route Address' warning' option lets you choose whether or not you want to be warned every time you decide to remove an email address when sending an email to more than one address that is already connected to an Enate mailbox.

Logging Out

Clicking on the Logout link will end your Enate session and take you back to the login screen.

Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten your password you can reset this from the logon page by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ link:
Enter your username in the resulting screen.
If your username is associated with an email address then you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
Whenever your password is reset via this method, you will receive an email confirming this.

Undo Send

The Undo Send setting lets you add a time delay to when your emails will be sent, giving you the opportunity to cancel sending an email, or reviewing an email before it gets sent, click here fore more information.
You can set an Undo Send time by moving the slider along to the desired setting.

Notification Settings

Enate's Notifications keep you up to date on what's happening with any Tickets, Actions and Cases you're interested in to keep you in the loop at all times. You've got lots of flexibility with how you receive notifications, in terms of which items you follow, what events you're notified about for them and how they're delivered to you.
This is where you can choose which notifications you want to receive and how.
In addition to choosing to follow an individual work item, you can also use the notifications settings page to specify more generally which notifications you want to automatically receive. There are two parts to this:
  • First, you specify which work items you want to receive, e.g. item's in your own Work Inbox.
  • Further to this, you specify which events about those work items you want to be notified about.
See below for details ..

Which Items to notify me about - Scope

You can choose to receive notifications for work items in you Work Inbox and/or for work items in your Queues.
Work Item Type
My Work Inbox
You will receive notifications for work items that are in your Work Inbox i.e. work items that are assigned to you.
This is switched on by default for all users.
My Queues
You will receive notifications for work items that are in Queues that you are in and/or manage.
This option is switched on by default for Team Leaders.

Which Events to notify me about

In addition to this, you need to choose which events you want to be notified about for these Work Items.
The options are as follows:
Type of Notification
New Information Received
New information (Email/Notes/Self Service Note) has been received on the work item
Users subscribed to receive notifications for a work item related to this (e.g. Case/Actions or the child/parent of a split Ticket) will also receive the notification.
Work Item Assigned to Me
Assigned user of a work item has changed to me
New Work Item into Queue
Assigned Queue of a work item has changed to a Queue that I am in and/or manage
New File/Link Added
New file/link has been added to the work item
Due Date 'At Risk' Reminder
Due date of the work item is deemed to be at risk. This is calculated by subtracting the expected time for the work item to take with an additional 30 minutes from the due date/time.
E.g. if the work item is due to be completed at 17.00 and the time expected to complete the work item is 1 hour, the Due Date 'At Risk' Reminder will be sent at 15.30.
Note that this notification will not be sent if:
  • the work item is in a state of Draft
  • the work item is in a state of In Progress and assigned to a user
  • the work item is in a state of Waiting AND its due date has been configured with the option 'Add Wait Time To Due Date'
Anyone subscribed to receive notifications for the parent of this work item (if there is one) will also receive this notification.
Work Item is Overdue
The due date of the work item has been missed and it is now overdue.
Action Rejected
A robot has actively rejected an Action, or repeatedly failed to process it.
Case Needs Attention
A Case has encountered a problem and requires intervention before it can proceed.
Peer Review Changes
The peer review of an Action has been marked as 'Passed', 'Failed', or 'Unable to be Completed'.
Note that in order to receive this notification, users must:
  • be in the Queue that this Action belongs to (or manage it), AND
  • be subscribed to receive notifications about this Action (being subscribed to the Case is not enough), AND
  • have the setting to receive notifications from 'My Queues' switched on.
Additionally, the person who completed the peer review will not receive the notification.
Note that you will only ever receive one notification about the same event for a work item.

How to notify me - different types of Notifications

For each event you subscribe to, you will automatically get notified in Work Manager in the Notifications Centre (via the Notifications icon in the header bar) - with a counter showing the number of unread notifications. However you can additionally choose if you also want to be notified by email and/or by browser pop-up.
There are three useful navigation links:
1. Enate Homepage – This is the Enate Company website. Here you can see latest resources, industry insight and product release info.
2. Enate Academy – Here you can sign up for different Enate learning courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
3. Enate Help – This is a link to Enate's Work Manager help files.