Team Bar for Team Members

On the right hand side of the home page is the Team Bar.

If you are a Team Member, the Team Bar shows you your team and your unassigned work.

My Team

At the top of the Team Bar you can see the people in your team and, for each of them:

  • The amount of work they have outstanding (number in centre of pie-chart)

  • The due status of that work (i.e. Red/Amber/Green)

  • Their current availability status (available or offline)

My Team Display Options

Available / Offline Status for Team Members

You can see the availability status of your Team Members - so if they are online or offline.

The system tracks your active Enate browser session, and so is able to check if they are still logged into Enate.

Note: if you do not log out properly, i.e. shut down the browser or machine directly without logging out of Enate, the system will display you as still online for the duration of the standard system timeout (usually 30 minutes).

An important point is that this available / offline status is for informational purposes only – it is not taken into account as part of any allocation rules - i.e. the ‘Who does it go to?’ settings.

You can filter the display of your team to show available / offline / all users.

Sorting by work item status

You can sort your team members by work item status criteria including:

  • Least / Most Work (Total)

  • Least / Most Overdue (Amber)

  • Least / Most Overdue (Red)

  • Least / Most On Target (Green)

  • You can use this to help identify resources which are stretched and other team member who you may be able to share work out among to help balance workloads.

Searching for team members

Free text search also allows for you to search for individual users from the list.

Viewing an Individual User

Clicking on a team member from the Team Bar, will bring up their user profile. The grid filters down to show only work items currently assigned to that user.

The homepage bar chart will be replaced to show the amount of work that is assigned to the user (the number in centre of pie-chart), as well as the due status of that work (i.e. Red/Amber/Green), You will also see the user's profile picture, their role title, its description (if one has been added), and if you click on the 'More about this role' link, you'll see a list showing which features that the user has access to.

You can close the view and return to the standard bar chart view of all work items by clicking the 'X' icon.

Unassigned Work

At the foot of the Team Bar you can see the amount of work which is sitting unassigned in the Queues you manage, grouped by Queue. This includes information about the amount of work in each Queue that is unassigned (the number in centre of pie-chart), as well as the due status of that work (i.e. Red/Amber/Green).

If you have unassigned work which is overdue – i.e. any red items in this section – you should be looking to deal with that situation.

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