Editing an Existing Trigger

To edit an existing trigger, go to the 'Schedules' section from the toolbar link in Builder:

Then select the 'Triggers' option from the drop-down to access the Triggers page.

Here you can see a list of all of your existing triggers.

You can create, edit, pause, start or delete triggers from this here. You will also be able to see the name of the trigger, the work items it is being used for, how often the trigger runs, the time zone the trigger is set to run in, when the trigger was first run, last run and when it is due to run next according to the time zone selected.

You are able to change the time zone set for a trigger, but note that this will not have an effect until after the currently calculated next run-date. After the next run-date, the run-time of the trigger will change to show in the time of the chosen time zone

Additionally, if the trigger is set to run through daylight saving time, the time shown will now take into account daylight saving time.

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