Privacy Policy Display

There is an option to display a link to your company's Privacy Policy on the Enate login page. Note that this requires you to have a web-available location for your company's Privacy Policy. The setting for this is accessible in system settings section of Builder: When a value is set for this, a link called 'Privacy Policy' will appear on the login page below the link for forgotten passwords (no such link will display if a value is not supplied for this in Builder).

Clicking on the privacy policy link will open up a new browser tab showing the link provided (i.e. your own Privacy Policy page).

Please Note: Enate does not record whether a user accepts or declines the privacy policy.

To configure a privacy policy link, go to Enate Builder and open up the 'Settings' page. Scrolling to the bottom of the 'General Settings' section, Builder users will find the Privacy Policy Link section. Here, users can insert the http/s link to their company's privacy policy. Once inserted, this link will open when a user clicks on the privacy policy link on the Enate login page.

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