Sharing Emails between Linked Work Items

As part of supporting work being carried out across multiple Cases & Tickets, you can share emails between Linked work items to allow them to be viewed more widely. You can even do this for work items which you don't have permissions on.

You can share emails between linked work items in two ways.

1. From an existing email - Clicking on the '+' icon at the top of an existing email in the timeline and selecting the relevant work item you wish to share the email with.

2. From composing new email - Another way is when writing a new email, you can simply add the work item reference number into the To / CC / BCC of an email by clicking the '+' icon, just as you wold when adding an email address:

You can even use this approach when you just want to share emails between linked work items, without needing to add an email address.

Please note that you can only share emails between work items that are linked. You cannot share emails between Closed work items. Additionally, once an email has been shared between work items, it cannot be unshared.

The email will be sent as normal to any emails addresses specified, and it will also be shared with the selected work items.

When someone responds to the shared email, that response will be attached to both work items.

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