The Ticket Screen

The customer, contract and service of the Ticket process is displayed on the top-left.

The 'Version' dropdown lets you choose which version of the Process you want. By default you will see the current draft (In Progress version), but can switch to the currently Live version and even previous now retired versions to compare process flow setup.

You can also restore a retired version of a Ticket process by opening the Ticket in edit mode, clicking on the retired version you want to restore, then clicking on 'Restore'.

When you restore a retired version, it will return it to a state of draft that you can then edit, save and set live.

Note that if you already have a draft version of the process in progress, any unsaved changes that you have made will be lost upon clicking 'Restore'.

You can view the status of the Ticket from the 'Status' dropdown.

The 'Show Activity' button lets you see the previous activity for the Ticket Process. You can see who created/deleted/last edited the Ticket Process, so you know who to go to if you need further information. The information will be highlighted in Green if the object has been created, restored, enabled or set live; in yellow if the object has been updated; and in red if the object has been deleted, disabled or retired.

Any validation errors will be displayed with either a red or orange exclamation mark. Clicking on the icon will bring up a list of the validation errors. Clicking on the error itself will highlight the source of the errors where you can correct the information.

Any serious errors will be marked by a red exclamation mark, these need to be resolved before the Ticket Process can be saved.

You can see Custom Cards, Email Templates and Wait for Feedback that are related to the Ticket.

Clicking on the '+' button brings up the Ticket Category Menu where you can add new Ticket Categories.

If you have opened the process in view only mode, click on the blue Edit icon in the toolbar to allow changes to be made.

This will bring up the Save and copy buttons.

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