Quickfind Searches with Custom Data Fields

You can search for work items and their emails using focussed ‘search this value in this field’ on the work item. This is achieved by prepending the search with predefined search code. Before typing anything into Quickfind, the dropdown displays all short codes available in the system, and the field they relate to.

To search against a field, enter the short code and the desired value e.g. hq:Laptop

This will return work item (Ticket/Case/Action) and communication results where this field has this value:

Using Quotes to search for entire phrases

You can put quote marks around your search value to search for an entire phrase as the field value you want to find e.g.: bn:“entire phrase”

You can also use this approach to search for phrases with general free text searching, i.e. even when you are not searching against a custom field with a prepended short code.

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