Creating New Ticket Types in a Service Line

You are able to create new types of Tickets and Actions within a Service Line itself by clicking on the '+' icon next to the search bar and selecting 'Ticket'.

Creating a new type of Ticket

When creating a Ticket, you can enter the following information:




The name of the new type of Ticket


The description of the new type of Ticket


Defining a group helps you sort your Tickets on the Service Matrix Screen. See here for more information.

Allow Feedback

If this setting is ticked, outgoing emails from Work Manager will contain a footer-based link for recipients to give feedback scores. The feedback data is subsequently stored, ready to be called upon by an agent from within the Ticket.

Subsequent Editing of the Ticket Type

To edit a Ticket type’s settings, click on the Case / Action / Ticket in the Service Lines Screen and edit the information in the right hand side of the screen. Click to save these changes.

Note: these settings are not versioned i.e. when changes are made, they affect all new and running Work Items.

You are also able to see the activity history of your work items , by clicking on the Show Activity button. You can see when the work item was created and by who, as well as if any edits have been made to the work item, when they were made, as well as by who.

You are also able to clone a Ticket type by clicking on the Clone button in the edit screen. This will clone all of the Ticket type's settings and data apart from its name. You are able to make changes to any of the settings and data once the Ticket type has been cloned.

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