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Configuring Ticket Attributes

Once you are happy with your Ticket categories, you need to set the following attributes for each category in the table on the Ticket screen:
When is it due?*
Select a value from the dropdown menu of Due Date ‘flavours’ (See here for more information).
Who does it go to?*
Select a value from the dropdown menu of Allocation ‘flavours’ (See here for more information).
From Email Addresses*
The email address from which any outgoing communications are sent out. Multiple addresses can be added, and a single address set as the default. If multiple addresses as set, at runtime users will be presented with a dropdown choice. Whichever address is set as default will be auto-populated into the from address, but alternates can be selected.
Email BCC
Address to copy on all communications for the Ticket.
Keep Ticket Open
The number of days a Ticket will be kept open before being closed.
Estimated Effort
The estimated effort in FTE minutes to complete a Ticket with this category.
Allow Title Changes
Whether Service Agents are allowed to modify the Ticket Title if generated from email subject of initial incoming email.
Record Count
Whether the Record Count should be shown on the Ticket Form. Tick if Yes. Note that the Record Count entered must always be a number.
Self Service
Whether or not this category should be displayed as as an option on Self Service submission forms. This allows you to show a subset of categories for end user submission.
*mandatory in order to set live.
You can copy and paste attributes in the Ticket Screen. You can select data from multiple cells and paste that data into selected destination cells.
Please note that you cannot copy and paste data between columns and you cannot copy data from the Ticket Category column.
If you are copying just one cell from each column, you can paste it in any number of places:
If you want to copy more that one cell from multiple columns, you must copy the same number of cells from each column:
If the number of cells you select to paste data in is more than the number of cells you have copied, the data you have copied will repeat itself to fill the highlighted cells.
If the number of cells you select to paste data in is less than the number of cells you have copied, you will only paste data to fill the highlighted cells i.e. if you copy the data from 4 cells but select to paste that data into 3 cells, then only the data from the first 3 cells you copied will be pasted.
If you select to paste data into multiple places, the data that is pasted will begin from the start of the first cell you copied.
The data from the first cell you select will be pasted first: