Creating and Editing Contracts

Creating Contracts

To add customer Contracts, click on the '+' icon at the top of the Service Matrix and select 'Contract'.

Fill in the Contract settings in the resulting popup.

Contract Settings

The settings for Contracts are:

Subsequent Editing

To edit a contract's settings, click on the ellipses beside the Customer name and select the Edit link. Make your desired changes in the resulting popup and click OK to save changes.

Editing of Service Provider of Existing Contracts

In Builder you can edit the Service Provider of existing Contracts.

When switching Service Providers the supplier calendar drop-down should be checked. The old and new suppliers may have a different Default calendar which may result in undesired changes to due dates.

Further aspects to be aware of include:

  • Data is retrospectively changed for all Work Items, both running and complete. Depending on the number of Work Items in the system this may take a short amount of time to update in all views and reports.

  • The Service Provider drop down is only shown when creating or editing Contracts if there are multiple Supplier companies in the system.

You can see what edits have been made to the customer and when, as well as when the customer was created, and even when a customer was deleted by clicking on the Show Activity button in the Edit screen.

You are also able to clone a contract by clicking on the Clone button in the Edit screen. This will clone all of the contract's settings apart from its name. You are able to make changes to any of the settings once the contract has been cloned.

Contract changes are versioned, so any changes you make to a Contract will only affect Work Items which are subsequently created. All existing Work Items will continue to use previous settings.

Deleting a Contract

To delete a contract, click on the ellipses beside the Customer, hover over the delete link and click on 'Contract'.

If you delete a Contract which has linked Email Routes, you will be notified of this and will need to update the respective Email Routes in order to stop them from creating more work for this Contract.

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