Adding Ad-hoc Actions

There are two ways to add ad-hoc Actions, depending upon whether the Action in question also appears as part of the standard Case flow:

Ad-hoc Actions which DO appear as part of the standard Case flow

Simply tick the checkbox in the ‘Manual Creation’ column in the Action Info Grid.

Manually starting this type of ad-hoc action will then automatically launch Actions further downstream in the flow.

Ad-hoc Actions which DO NOT appear in the Case flow diagram

Select the '+' icon in the top-right of the Action Info grid and select the type of ad-hoc Action from the Actions menu popup.

Once the Action is added, it shows up in the Action info tab.

Here it will be labelled as an ad-hoc Action. This ad hoc Action is not part of the workflow, but can be launched manually by a Case Owner, if required.

All the configuration settings for this type of ad hoc Actions are same as for every other Action, with the following exceptions:

  • The Manual Creation checkbox is auto-ticked and can’t be disabled.

  • To delete this Action, you have to do it directly in the grid

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