Contact Activity Page

The Contact Activity Page displays the activity details for an individual service recipient.

You can navigate to the Contact Activity page via:

1. Quickfind – clicking on a user in Quickfind

2. A Work Item – clicking on a contact in the contacts card of a work item

3. The Contact Management Page – clicking on the first name of a contact in the Contact Management Page

Once you are on the Contact Activity Page, you can see the contact's details on the right-hand side and update them as needed.

Clicking on the 'Work Items' tab lets you see all work items which relate to the contact. Each work item is shown as a card with data about it like reference, title of work item, due date, assignee, queue, and state. Work Items can be opened for further details by clicking on reference and title. Running items are displayed by default, completed work items can also be displayed.

Clicking on the 'Comms' tab lets you see communications (emails, notes) relating to the user and the work items relating to them. You can search for specific communications here too.

You can also start a new piece of work for the contact from the Contact Activity Page. Starting a new work item from the Contact Activity Page will automatically assign the contact as the Primary Contact, Requester and Subject on the work item, and if they have a Default Tag set, they will be tagged as this as well on the work item. Note that when launching a Ticket, the 'Send Automated Emails' option is automatically set to off.

The work items that you can start from here depends upon if the work items have been configured to be startable from the Contact Activity Page in Builder, which company the contact has been scoped to when it was created in Work Manager, and which company you as a user have been scoped to as well.

You are able to copy the user's name by clicking on the copy button on the tab:

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