User Availability Insights


The optional Insights feature lets you capture key information regarding a user's availability. This will help Team leads and operations managers to better schedule work by giving them a view of where time is being spent day-to-day.

If this is switched on in your system, when Agents log in they'll be asked for a quick rundown of any non-core activities they may have planned for the day, for example training or 1-2-1 meetings, and how they're feeling, plus expected work time for the next day. Agents can always revisit this in their main Insights page to confirm how things went, if they need to adjust.

Team Leaders can look at this information for each of their team members via this page and the accompanying Insights report to get visibility of how much core work time their team have available versus these other activities, and a break out of where that other time is spent - helping them plan work accordingly.

This feature can be enabled from the General Settings section of Builder.

Pop up on Work Manager screen

When a user logs in for the first time that day, they will be met with a pop-up asking them how they are feeling, and to input information about what's on their plate for the day.

The user can either provide the data in the pop-up then and there or choose to do it later by clicking 'Not Now'.

If a user doesn't have time to fill in the data at that point and they select 'Not Now', they can access the pop-up again from the 'Insights' icon in the top bar. This icon will only appear if there is still data left to be filled in in the pop-up. If all data has been filled in, the icon in the top bar will disappear.

If a user hasn't filled in the data in the pop-up and they they logout and log back in again on the same day, the pop-up will reappear when they log back in.

The first bit of data a user is asked to provide is how they are they are feeling. They can select an emoji to represent how they are feeling and they can add a comment if they want.

The next sections of the pop-up will ask the user about information regarding their availability. They will be asked to plan their availability for the upcoming day, to confirm their availability for their last working day, and to plan their availability for their next working day.

The user's standard working hours will either be defaulted to their working hours as per their working calendar settings, set in Builder, or, if they have no calendar configured, it will default to 08:00 hrs. Their break time will be defaulted to 00:00. If these are not correct, the user should make sure to change it by clicking on the link.

They will then be taken to the Insights page where they can adjust the working hours and break time for that day.

Once a user changes their working hours or break values, this will be the default working hours values used going forward.

If they have no other activities other than their core work, they should select the 'I’m good- I’ve got the day clear' option.

If they have activities outside of their core work, they should add how much time will be spent on these activities by either using the sliders or by entering the time.

Note that a user can always make changes by using the main Insights page.

The pop-up will not appear when a user is on leave. Leave dates are set in the Insights page. When a user has taken leave, the pop-up will take this into account and will ask the user to fill in information for their last working day.

Main Insights Page

The Insights page, available from the main menu, is where users can go if they need to edit any of the data they have entered.

They can also use it to enter future planned leave and their non-working days.

Users who manage a team (i.e. users with the 'Set up Team & Queues' feature access option, set in the User Roles section of Builder) can also use it to view their team's availability and to make any necessary changes. Users with the will be able to see the information their team (i.e. the people who they manage) have entered.

Users without the 'Set up Team & Queues' feature access option will only be able to see their own data.

You can also see a summary and breakdown of the availability of a user.

User Insights Report

As part of the Insights feature, a standard report is available that summarizes you or your team's availability data. It shows:

  • Planned leave data

  • Non-working days

  • Trend of duration of activities

  • Overall sentiment

  • Sentiment trend

More information about these visuals can be seen in the table below:

The Team View Report contains the following available data sets:

Whose Data can I see?

In the Main Insights Page, and the Insights Report, you will either see just your own Availability data, or that of yourself and you team, depending on the level of feature access you have set in your user role, specifically:

  • Users with the 'Set up Team & Queues' feature access option (set in the User Roles section of Builder) will be able to see the information entered by themselves and their team (i.e. the people who they manage).

  • Users without the 'Set up Team & Queues' feature access option will only be able to see their own data.

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