Schedules and Triggers

There are two main areas of functionality within Enate which relate to managing work which happens based upon dates schedules. These are:

  1. Schedule functionality: This allows you to create structured sets of schedules, populate date into them, then use the schedule to drive Case and Action due dates and Case launch dates when configuring Cases in Builder. This is often used for supporting scenarios e.g. Payroll. Work with 'Schedules' and 'Schedule Structures' to use this feature.

  2. Frequency-based repeating 'triggers' for Case launching: This allows you to create a repeating frequency upon which you can launch Cases in a given process, e.g. “Every Monday at 9am launch a Case in the AP Verification process”. This functionality is different to the Scheduling features described above; it does not use explicit dates.

Note: Triggers are independent from the Schedule Feature.

You can access both of these features via the Schedules link on the toolbar

This will open up the Schedules screen with the three main sections to access.

Click here for more information about schedules:

Find out more information about triggers here:

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