Case Configuration

You use the Case screen to create a flow of Actions which make up your business process. You can add Actions in any order, either from the existing standard menu of Actions defined, or by creating brand new Actions from within the Case screen itself.

The Steps for your Case are set as part of your initial set-up, and are not editable from the Case screen.

Once you have added an Action, you then need to set the various attributes necessary to determine how it will act at runtime. Primarily you set ‘Who does it go to’ (i.e. which Queue, and perhaps which position), ‘When is it due’ and some further general settings. The options available for you to pick here are a standardised list of ‘flavours’, shared between Case, Ticket and Action configurations.

If the Action involves checklists, you can add two different levels of Action checklists:

As well as making Action-level settings, you also need to set similar attributes for the overall Case.

Once you’ve finished setting these attributes, you can set the Case live.

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