Case Screen Overview


The Case screen is where you create and configure a flow of Actions to make up your business process.

The Case screen is made up of two main sections:

  1. Flow Diagram - where you can see the Steps of the Case and configure the flow of Actions for the Case. See here for more information about designing your Case.

  2. Info Section - where you configure the settings for the Case and its Actions. The Case Info tab and the Action Info tab will display by default, but other tabs might appear depending on what type of Actions you add to your flow. See here for more information about configuring your Case's settings.

Further Options in the Case Screen

If you have opened the process in view-only mode, click on the blue Edit icon in the toolbar to allow changes to be made.

This will bring up the Save and copy buttons.

You can view the status of the Case from the 'Status' dropdown.

Steps in a Case flow have already been defined as part of Case TYPE definition under the Service Line and cannot be changed from the Case screen. See here for more information on this.

Each step in the flow diagram shows you the total number of Action processes that are configured for that step.

You can adjust the height of the info section:

You can also use the ‘View’ dropdown link to change the view of the screen. You can: View the Flow only; View the Info Section only; or view both sections. Your preference will be saved when you switch between Cases and when you next log in.

The 'Version' dropdown lets you choose which version of the Process you want. By default you will see the currently draft (In Progress version), but can switch to the currently Live version and even previous now retired versions to compare process flow setup.

You can also restore a retired version of a Case process by opening the Case in edit mode, clicking on the retired version you want to restore, then clicking on 'Restore'.

When you restore a retired version, it will return it to a state of draft that you can then edit, save and set live.

Note that if you already have a draft version of the process in progress, any unsaved changes that you have made will be lost upon clicking 'Restore'.

The 'Show Activity' button lets you see the previous activity for the Case Process. You can see who created/deleted/last edited the Case Process, so you know who to go to if you need further information. The information will be highlighted in Green if the object has been created, restored, enabled or set live; in yellow if the object has been updated; and in red if the object has been deleted, disabled or retired.

The Show in Self Service option lets you choose if you want the Case process to be available to Self Service users. If the icon is highlighted in blue, the Case will be available to Self Service users; if the icon is grey, the Case will not be available to Self Service users.

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