Comparing & Merging Email Templates

You can compare the contents of Email Templates to help you merge very similar emails together and standardise your Email Templates.

There are two aspects to this:

  • Merging together templates where content is the same

  • Reducing the number of separate templates which have been created purely for multiple languages by allowing you to merge the additional language content into a single template – e.g. a ‘Leavers Email’ template can now be defined once and have the alternate language content set within the same template rather than creating 8 separate templates, once for each language.

By performing this commonisation we can significantly reduce the number of email templates which are needed. Watch this video to find out more:

The recommended approach / order for manually commonising content with merging is as follows:

  1. Merge together duplicate emails in your core language, e.g. English.

  2. Merge together any duplicate emails in further languages.

  3. As a last step, incorporate the additional language content into templates which will be used for the same business purpose and where only the language differs.

Comparing Email Templates

Select an email template from the grid and from the ‘…’ menu select ‘Compare'.

This will bring up the dedicated ‘Compare Templates’ screen.

On the left side you will see the subject and content for the selected email. A list of the other email templates in the system will display on the right side, along with a percentage match marker (sorted by best match first). You can filter to only show templates above a certain threshold, e.g. ‘only templates with 90% match and above’ – use the slider tool at the top of the screen.

Click ‘Compare’ to view another email in detail for visual comparison.

Use the dropdown control to choose between viewing the:

  • Preview

  • Plain Text

  • HTML

You can also click on the ‘Used in X processes’ link on either email to view where they are currently being used. If after reviewing you decide these emails should be deduped, click the ‘Merge’ button. This will retain the email template on the left, will delete the template on the right, and will replace all usages of the deleted template with the remaining one.

When merging includes a template with content in multiple languages, the content in that other language will be copied over into the remaining email (if content did not exist in that languages previously).

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